Make a Halloween Black Cat Standup
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Make a Halloween Black Cat Standup


If you have scroll saw or jig saw you can make a wood black cat stand up for Halloween. I provide the template below for your project.  

        Taking the template at the image above, copy and save it to your computer.  Adjust the template image to the size you want your standup and print it out on your printer.  To cut out the pattern, then  trace out your cat on a piece of 1/8" plywood or glue it or pin it to the wood and cut out the pattern by cutting right through the pattern.  Cut out the cat with a scroll, coping or jig saw. Cut a 1' by 1' piece of wood the length of your cat cutout.   

         Sand all your pieces so that the edges are smooth. Then using wood glue, glue and clamp the two pieces together and let dry.  Once dry check to see if the piece stands up on its own.  If they don't replace the support piece with a wider support piece. 

         Now paint the cat with black spray paint. In a clean, dry, well ventilated area paint the black cat.  Use multiple light coats, spraying back and forth, repeating as per the manufacturer's instructions. Light coats prevent running of the paint, if it runs, take a rag and wipe off the run and begin again.  Make sure you let the paint dry between coats,

         Once satisfied with the the paint, let dry overnight before using. For outdoor use, coat with a waterproof coating.  This black cat is great for table decorations or on your mantel.  Large cut outs can be used for lawn decorations using stakes instead of a support stick.


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