"Jersey Shore" Homemade Costumes - Simple Halloween Ideas for "Jersey Shore" Costumes
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"Jersey Shore" Homemade Costumes - Simple Halloween Ideas for "Jersey Shore" Costumes

Simple homemade "Jersey Shore" costume ideas for Halloween. Learn how to get the "Jersey Shore" costume look.

Pauly D blowout wig.  plunging neckline tube dresses, long teased black wigs - get that Snooki bump on top. 

olded muscle shirt with printed tattoos and an attached black tank top with a printed logo, and the beaded cross necklace. Pauly D's wig available separately. Great couples costume with your date dressed as Snooki.

sexy plunge-neckline mini dress in a shiny metallic leapard print. Show some Jersey Shore attitude with style! Black Lady Jane Shoes

The Situation costume includes the shirt with printed arm and abdominal muscles, and partyly pulled-up tank top.  Add some jeans and Hip Hop Jumbo Sneakers.

# Long black wig in a straight style

# Hairspray

# Hair clips

# Teasing comb

# Spray-tan or self tanner

# Black eyeliner

# Black eyeshadow

# Grey eyeshadow

# Nude lipstick (or any pale colored lipstick)

# Leopard print or black mini-dress OR

# Black tank top and bright colored "booty shorts"

# Platform Heels

# Pickles or Pickle Jar

# Fake nails

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