Halloween Hair:How to Create a Halloween Hair Raising Hair Style!
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Halloween Hair:How to Create a Halloween Hair Raising Hair Style!

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If you are dressing up this Halloween as a witch or other creature or character and don't know what to do with your hair then here is a hair raising "up do" you can easily accomplish. This Halloween hair style idea is suitable for girls (or boys) with long hair and could go with any number of costume ideas including aliens, witches, electric shocked person, a slave to fashion, goblin, gnome, Empire State building or even adapt this hair do to suit a period costume such as Marie Antoinette. It might also be fun to wear a tall witch's hat on top of this Halloween hair style and then take the hat off during the party to reveal this awesome hair!


To create this Halloween hairdo you will need:

For this Halloween hair style you will need a lot of hair spray. Choose the strongest hair spray the store has, alternatively if you would like to avoid sprays try an extremely stiff hair gel and just use a lot of it!


You will need hair color spray to spray your hair a color to suite your character's costume.


A large empty plastic soda bottle.


A hair band or rubber band.


You may need a few hair clips to catch wayward hairs and to clip the bottle down if necessary.


How to create this Halloween hair do:

Brush your hair down around your head with your head bent over, so that the hair is spread evenly around your head and there is an empty space in the middle.

Place the empty soda bottle on the middle of your head as if your head were a table and your hair the tablecloth!

Gradually bring your hair up around the bottle until you are holding the hair around the neck of the bottle and the bottle can no longer be seen. The bottle should be completely surrounded and covered by your hair.

Tie the hair band around your gathered hair and the neck of the bottle.

Now spray your hair or plaster on the gel until the hair is solid.

Then you can spray your hair the desired color.


Tips for creating this Halloween hair style:

Tie a ribbon or other accessory around the gathered hair and neck of the bottle.

If you feel that the bottle does not stand steadily on your head you can make small holes in the base of the bottle and clip the bottle base to your hair.

Happy Halloween!


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Comments (4)

Very clever!

Interesting, neat and cute! No votes left today, retweet & stumbled.

I love outrageous hairstyles, I think the art of hairdressing is so under estimated.

Looks totally fun to do, sure is better to have a helpful friend!