Halloween Costume: Homemade Beyonce Pregnant Costume, Baby Bump
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Halloween Costume: Homemade Beyonce Pregnant Costume, Baby Bump

Make a homemade Beyonce baby bump Halloween costume with her baby bump!

Never has there been a better Halloween to be pregnant! If you want a really easy homemade costume to make, shoot for pop star, Beyonce! She announced her pregnant at the 2011 MVA Awards in September, which sent Twitter into orbit. The whole world was immediately excited for Beyonce, who revealed her baby bump on stage during her performance. Even if you're not pregnant, no problem. The homemade look for Halloween will still be simple enough to pull off!

Beyonce made seismic news when she announced her pregnancy on the Music Video Awards in September. Her baby bump has since been the topic if major headlines. Getting her look from the awards show has never been so easy. 

Beyonce homemade Halloween costume - baby bump

To get the baby bump Beyonce look for the spooky holiday, get a lavender glittery blazer with a white shirt underneath. Don a pair of black maternity pants. If you have long hair already, just put temporary low light blonde streaks in it. If not, buy a wig and do the same. She often wears it wavy and has a lot of body in her hair. If you can get you hands on a microphone, that will give it away for sure. Thrift stores will have old mics you can purchase cheap. While you're at that Halloween gathering, just drop the mic, open your coat, and reveal “the love that’s growing inside” you.

For those who aren't pregnant, the homemade costume is still possible. Just get a padded bump or pillow that shapes well to your stomach and you'll pass for expecting!

Another Option:

Beyonce was part of a controversy not too long ago when she appeared on an Australian talk show to discuss her pregnancy. The famous footage sparked rumors when she sat down and her stomach appeared to "fold up." Speculation soon surfaced that she hired a surrogate mother to carry her baby because she didn't want the affects of pregnancy to ruin her body. So, if you want an alternative look for Beyonce on Halloween, you can wear a short-sleeved bright pink dress with a baby bump. Part of the getting into character will be moving to different places to sit down, emphasizing the obvious fold in the costume. If you enjoy being silly, this may be an original idea for you. There are lots of options to get the homemade Beyonce costume look for Halloween.

Source: Washington Post

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Anyone came to my door dressed like that and I wouldnt have a clue who they were!