Classroom Halloween Party Game: Fishing for Creatures
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Classroom Halloween Party Game: Fishing for Creatures

Halloween Game for Classroom Parties. Classroom Halloween Game: Fishing for Creatures.

I have three children and I have always been the room mom for all of the parties in their classrooms.  Finding creative and fun things for a whole class room of kids to do can be challenging but I have had great success with this game that I call Fishing for Creatures. 

Fishing For Creatures (What you will need)

A magnet (or several magnets and a couple of paper clips - there are two ways to do this)

Several paperclips, enough for one for each child. (or several magnets and a couple paper clips, see above)

Construction paper black or Orange enough to make 1 small creature for each child. One year I purchased little premade creatures that were made of a thick paper and were actually stickers.  This saved me a lot of work. 

A couple of wooden dowels (you can find these in the craft store)

Large bucket or box.

Some tape

White paper to write numbers on

A hat or bowl

Putting the Game Together

Use a pattern to draw the outlines of bats, pumpkins, witches, ghosts or any scary creature. Cut the outline out, one for each of the children. You can even draw a variety of different creatures and cut them out, just make sure you have enough creatures for each child. Also like I mentioned above you can use some kind of stickers that are already made. 

On the edge of the dowel tie the string, at the other end of the string tie the magnet on to it. You will need to tape the string on the dowel to keep it on. You can do it this way or you can put the paper clip on the end of the string and put magnets on the back of each creatures. This was actually easier for the kids. You can buy a roll of magnets that are self sticking on the back at the craft store, then you just cut out the size of magnets that you need. Also adding a couple of paper clips to the end of the string will help the kids be more successful at fishing. If you choose to work with one magnet per dowel then you will need to put a paper clip or two on each creature. 

Write a number 1 thru however many kids there are in the class. So if there is a classroom with 23 children there should be 1 thru 23. You will need to do this twice, 1 set of numbers you will cut up and tape one number to each of the creatures. The other set of numbers you will cut out, and fold, and place them in the hat or bowl.

Place all of the creatures in the bucket or box.

Game Play

Have the children line up, in what ever order you choose. Allow each of the children to catch a creature, by dipping their fishing pole in to the box or bucket. Once the child has caught a creature have them hold on to it and pass the fishing pole to the next child in line, they will follow suit until each child has a creature. To make the game go a little faster make another fishing pole and have 2 children go at the same time.

After each child has a creature you can reach in to the bowl and pull out a number.  The child that has the creature that matches the number wins a prize. You can do as many prizes as you like, you can pull three numbers or 2 or more, that is up to you.

Non Competitive Play

To make this non competitive you can forget about the numbers and just let the kids catch a creature instead of having them hold on to a creature they would put the creature back after they catch it. I did this last year with the first graders.  I had a bunch of dollar store prizes on the table and after each child caught a creature they got to pick a prize from the table. 

Difficult Challenge For Older Kids

Instead of numbers you can put all of the children's names on the creature, one name on each creature. Any child who fishes out the creature with their own name wins a prize. The creatures would be put back in after each child goes. To make it less challenging you could create teams, each child will get to go and a team will get a point each time they pull out a name of one of the members of their team. You can do one or two or more rounds, at the end of the rounds the team with the most points wins a prize. Of course you will not want them to peak so you may want to bring a blind fold. To make it easier you can put the kids on teams and if they catch a creature with anyone's name from their team they will win. 

You can also put them in to color groups and if they catch a creature that is the color of the group they are in they get a prize.  Personally I like to make sure all the kids get a prize.

I found that the kids just thought it was a lot of fun just to fish out the creatures.  I had a lot of kids get up after their treat just come up and fish for the creatures just for the fun of it. 

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