Best Ways to Keep a Halloween Pumpkin Fresh and Crisp
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Best Ways to Keep a Halloween Pumpkin Fresh and Crisp

How to keep a Halloween pumpkin fresh

Halloween is such a fun time to carve pumpkins. The main concern with most people is how you can keep your pumpkin fresh after carving it. From dealing with pumpkin carvings every year with my family, we have experimented quite a bit trying to keep the pumpkins fresh as possible. From what we have learned, the main thing is to never carve the Halloween pumpkin weeks before. Always make sure to carve your Halloween pumpkin 4-6 days before Halloween. The closer you are to Halloween, the better your chances are to your pumpkin fresh and not decaying.

Another way to keep your Halloween pumpkin fresh is to keep it as cold as possible. To use this technique the weather must be cold where you are living. After carving the Halloween pumpkin, place it outside at night with the nice cool night breeze. This way the sun is in and the heat will not destroy your Halloween pumpkin. Some people may also suggest placing your carved Halloween pumpkin into your freezer to keep it fresh; is this possible? Yes, you can place your pumpkin into a freezer, but only for a few hours, 3-4 at the most. If you keep the carved Halloween pumpkin in the freezer too long the pumpkin will get frostbite in the places where you carved it.

Other ways of keeping a carved Halloween pumpkin fresh are using salt, lemon and lime juice, Vaseline, WD40, Pumpkin fresh spray, hairspray or vegetable oil. How would you use the items mentioned to preserve your carved Halloween pumpkin? Read on to find out how:

Vaseline- This is one of the most popular ways to use for keeping a Halloween pumpkin fresh. After you have cleaned and cut your Halloween pumpkin place Vaseline all around the edges of the carved marks, and gently inside the pumpkin. The Vaseline will help keep the carved pumpkin fresh, and keep the moisture in so the pumpkin won't decay.

WD40- This product is one of the best products out there. WD40 has hundreds of great uses and one of them is to help a carved pumpkin stay fresh longer. After carving the pumpkin gently spray this product over the outside, inside, and carved areas of the Halloween pumpkin, just enough for a light coating. The WD40 will also give your Halloween pumpkin a nice glow and shine.

Lemon and lime juice mix- Pour a ¼ cup of lime juice with a ¼ cup of lemon juice into an applicator spray bottle. Now add cool water to the mix. Shake it up. Then spray the outside, inside, corners, and carved pumpkin areas with this mixture. Grab a ziploc bag and fill it up with salt. Place the bag into the pumpkin. Allow the pumpkin to be in a cool area.

Lip gloss with hairspray- Dab the corners, inside, outside, and carved pumpkin areas with a clear lip gloss. Then if you are not planning on using a candle, spray it lightly with a non-fragranced hairspray. The hairspray will help keep moisture in your pumpkin. The carved pumpkin will stay fresh, crisp, be shiny, and have a very glossy look to it.

Last way to keep your carved Halloween pumpkin fresh is by using a popular product called Pumpkin Fresh. I used this spray last year and the results were wonderful. In order to use Pumpkin Fresh you just can't use it one time and think your carved pumpkin will be ok. You must spray this product on every day onto the inside, outside and corners of the pumpkin. For better results, after you have sprayed the carved pumpkin each day, place your pumpkin into your freezer for 1-2 hours afterwards. Then place the pumpkin into a dry, cool area. This will help keep the pumpkin full of moisture.

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great article, I haven't bought pumpkins in years

Great information...and I have learned something new...voted